Sunday, May 22, 2011


Everything seems to be moving in a great way, I'm grateful and so humbled by it all! The harder I work the more I want and it just fuels me to keep going!!

The thing is...sometimes you never who's noticing or how your actions effect those around you but it's always encouraging when you do!

I received a pleasant surprise in my inbox:

"Hey old friend! Just wanted to say I admire the drive that is evident on your page and I want you to stay motivated in your goals and are gonna go far because you are highly talented!" T. W.

It makes me tear..(I can be a softy) :)

Stay encouraging to all those around you even when you think no one is watching!

Be your best you!!

Fresh Updates

Loyalty is Everything!

The Blue Striped Cardigan- button's switched!

Shouts out to my good friend Sheedy for always showing love!!!

I Appreciate it all the support homie!!!

Love, L - Embellished

Varsity Letterman- The Tshirt Edition

Order your Varsity Letterman- The Vneck T'Shirt Edition Today!!!

Only $35 with your choice of colors, letters and a complimentary arm patch with your name/word/or phrase.

Also offereing 2 for $50!! Get Yours!!


Embellished Accessories!!

I introduced Embellished Accessories last week and I'm exicted that it shows true promise and doing well so far! More peices to come but for now... here are a few sweet shambhala bracelet options!!

Please reach out if your interested ( They come in a variety of colors and size options and as always we're happy to see what we can do within your budget!

Embellished Accessories

The Latest & Greatest!

My favorite!!!!


My God Baby's first Bday!!

It's Londyn's first Birthday so of course she had to be Embellished!!!

She got a onesie to commerate the day!

A pretty fresh jacket stoned out!

Embellished logo'd onesie's.

And a sweet set of towels along with a few other things!!

I <3 my baby!!!!